If I had to choose one statement that defines me, it would have to be that “Music is my life”. Being an active musician in the Chicago music scene offers me the ability to stay in touch with what is not only popular, but what is also classic. My love for music started at an early age. Being Hispanic, we are encouraged to be part of our heritage by means of musical expression. My particular talent was, and still is percussion. I speak, read and write Spanish fluently. I play 5 instruments, and am currently a working musician. My first experiences with DJing were when I was young growing up in the “House” music scene. I owned my first Turntables at 11yrs old. I now have taken my life’s ambition of working in the music world, and merged it with the professional and passionate ideals of Marcus Windsor and Chicago Mobile DJ’s. I worked as an apprentice with Marcus for 1 year in 2009, and now am continuing his approach to Weddings and major events. My goal is to always create a fun environment, while also maintain integrity, so that my clients can always feel at-ease.